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Sunday Worship Service: 10.00 AM



When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, He asked those standing nearby to roll away the stone from the tomb entrance. Surely Jesus could have supernaturally rolled away the stone, after all, compared to raising the dead that would have been easy. However He called for human participation. He does what only He can do and demands that we do what we are able to do.

God wants to bring New Life to dead people (Ephesians 2:1). Only God can do that, but He expects us to do our part.

Send your gifts to:

Calvary Ministries

7-115, Vadapalli Post,

Via Kovvur, W.G.Dt.,

A.P., India – 534350

You can designate a one-time gift for the following needs:

1. Children’s Home

Need monthly support of $ 50 for one child. It includes Food, shelter, Education, clothing, toiletry items, medicine, and every thing what ever they need.

2. Church Construction Need support to finish the construction of Church building

3. Pastor’s SupportPastors can be sponsored for $100 per month which provides them with what they need to live and Minister in other parts of India. Widow’s Support.

4. Widow’s Support.Need monthly support of $ 30 for one Widow. It includes Food, shelter, clothing, toiletry items, medicine, and everything whatever they need.

You can be “Jesus on Earth” for us in India by making a commitment to be one of our Calvary Ministries Partners. No amount is too small when you are giving to God’s work here on earth. If you are interested in partnering with Calvary Ministries, please fill out our brief commitment form and return it to us by post or email.

Name: ____________________________________________




____________________________ E-Mail:

I have prayed and feel led to commit to the following:

$30 per month _____ $50 per month _____ $100 per month _____ $_______per month ____

A one-time gift in the amount of $__________

A special one-time gift of $________ for ______________________________________

I commit to being Calvary Ministries prayer partner. _____

God Loves cheerful giver.

Thank you.

Service Timing

Sunday Worship service: 10.00 am
Sunday School/ children service : 3:00 pm
Bible Study: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Fasting prayer meeting: Saturday 8:00 pm
Every 1st Sunday of month: Holy Communion
Once in a 3rd week : Video Program
Once in a month : Gospel Prayer meeting in different places
Every second Friday: Whole night prayer service
Every month Last day: Thanks giving prayer meeting 8:00 pm


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