Calvary Ministries

Sunday Worship Service: 10.00 AM


Annual Meetings: We are conducting annual meetings once in a year (Crusades) mostly at the time of last week of April or 1st week of May with big Budget to preach Christ and to spread Gospel and to save Souls and to strengthen some spiritual lives. We will be invite some spiritual pastors to preach in these meetings.


Street Meetings: We are conducting street meetings once in a month in different places and even other villages to preach the Gospel and to fill the Kingdom of our dear Lord.


Cottage prayer meetings: We are conducting prayer meetings in believers houses on the occasion of their Birthday/death day/thanksgiving/anniversary days. All church members will attend in these cottage prayer meetings.

Service Timing

Sunday Worship service: 10.00 am
Sunday School/ children service : 3:00 pm
Bible Study: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Fasting prayer meeting: Saturday 8:00 pm
Every 1st Sunday of month: Holy Communion
Once in a 3rd week : Video Program
Once in a month : Gospel Prayer meeting in different places
Every second Friday: Whole night prayer service
Every month Last day: Thanks giving prayer meeting 8:00 pm


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