Calvary Ministries

Sunday Worship Service: 10.00 AM

Orphan home

Children Home:

We are taking care of 41 children in our children home by providing Food, shelter, education and teaching moral values and Bible basics. We make them feel not like hostel but like home. These children are from different backgrounds, castes, conditions, situations. Some are orphans, some are semi orphans, some are very poor and some are the children of alcoholic addicted parents child.


Who are these children ?

  • Children at risk from poverty
  • Children at risk because of Drug Trafficking
  • Children at risk from exploitation
  • Children at risk from life on the streets


Did you know ?

  • 35,000 children will die of malnutrition & preventable diseases today.
  • Over one billion people worldwide live in poverty, mostly women and children.
  • Each year, more than 12 million children under five years of age die in India.
  • 130 million primary school children have no access to education in India.
  • 7,000 tribal girls are sold to brothels each year.


What we do.

To provide housing, food, clothing, education, and medical assistance to destitute children such as orphans, disabled, or distressed and abandoned children.


  • To glorify God by bringing up the children with Christian values in a family-oriented atmosphere.
  • To advocate for the promotion and protection of children’s rights

India is a beautiful and diverse country. Many people who come here have fallen in love with the warmth of the culture and hospitality of the people. Almost everyone who visits India, however, is deeply moved by the widespread poverty and disease.

With 1.3 billion people India is one of the largest, neediest and most unreached countries in the world.Half of the world’s orphans live in India.

There are over 30 million child laborers or children sold into slavery. HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio, leprosy and water borne diseases are rampant. Most of the poor cannot afford health care. Massive flooding and high temperatures wreak havoc upon the population almost annually. Food, medical care, education, and love are so very needed.

Service Timing

Sunday Worship service: 10.00 am
Sunday School/ children service : 3:00 pm
Bible Study: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Fasting prayer meeting: Saturday 8:00 pm
Every 1st Sunday of month: Holy Communion
Once in a 3rd week : Video Program
Once in a month : Gospel Prayer meeting in different places
Every second Friday: Whole night prayer service
Every month Last day: Thanks giving prayer meeting 8:00 pm


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