Calvary Ministries

Sunday Worship Service: 10.00 AM

Calvary Prayer house

It was started in the year 1991 with four members (4 different families) in a small room in my house and started growing one by one and we started using two rooms, three rooms like hall, bedroom, living room and even kitchen to sit for two hours on Sunday’s to Worship. So we started construction one small shed on my house which will be enough for 70 members. That shed was opened on 6th December 1992. On 6th November 1996 there was a big cyclone and the shed was damaged and we repaired and reconstructed it with Big grass. And in 1998 we removed the grass and reconstructed with cement Rakes.


As the church growth is growing we started buying land from 4 families which is side by side and we were able to buy that land with in 5 years. After that we started construction the new church building with good cement concrete slab and after 16months of continuous work we opened that new church building on 7th June 2002 with half of the work left. Right now we are having more than 100 believers in our church Glorifying God, Worshiping God in Truth and in Spirit.