Calvary Ministries

Sunday Worship Service: 10.00 AM


John Israel Manukonda has served the Lord as a Pastor of Calvary Prayer House, Vadapalli, A.P., India since 2003 after his father passed away on 21st April 2003.


John Israel was born in Christian family on 6th December 1982 to Victor John Samadanam & Mary Kumari. He is having three younger sisters. John Israel was baptized on 6th January 1998 and began sensing a call to Gospel Ministry in the year 2000. His parents dedicated him in his childhood for ministry. He Joined in Trinity Christian college and completed his Bachelor in Theology for three years of course on 31st March 2003. On 21st April 2003 His father passed away and he take the responsibility of the Ministry and continuing so far with God’s Guidance and Leading to Preach and to teach the Truth of the Bible and to strengthen the spiritual lives. He completed his M.A and M.Th., course through distance education. Though so many Job opportunities knocked his door, he decided to do God’s work.


John Israel has a passion to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel, to see Jesus Christ exalted in His church and in his area, and to see the advancement of the Kingdom of God. He has passion to save souls in India because most of them are worshipping the creation but not the creator. He was impressed by the example shown by Jesus Christ that Giving not only spiritual food but giving Physical food, so he is also giving spiritual food as well as physical food to so many who are hungry spiritually and physically. He is showing the Love of Christ to win the souls by meeting their physical needs and than giving the spiritual food. He is running a Children home, widow’s home, Church, evening school and Free food for the poor once in a 1st Sunday of every month with God’s Help and support through His people.

He is happily married to Angeleena on 11th February 2010, and they were Blessed with, Catherine Grace (Cathy) on 24th June 2011, Chesna Grace (Chessy) on 1st December 2012 and Naysa on 10th May 2017.